Boob growth animation

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It's not uncommon for a long-running comic or animated show to change character designs over time. I doubt there is a legitimate plot based reason for this, and it's more to do with giving more fanservice to the audience and perhaps the animators refining the character design over time. Considering that Robin had boobs from the beginning, it might be related to Japan's coming-of-age concept. I am no expert on women's sizes and measurements, so if I had made a wrong interpretation somewhere, please forgive me. If we were to use these measurements, she would end up being a "K"; however, right now in Japan, there is no such thing as a "K" cup. If I remember it correctly, she has eaten some kind of evil fruit. Not sure if this is just a coincidence, but Nami became 20 after the time-skip. It would be nice if the crew had a beautiful navigator like that. So her regular bust size of 95 would make her an I cup!!!


she is so beautiful


She looks like a clown


watch the video for 20 seconds,

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